Friday, September 9, 2016

WIP: Hexipuffs

Over the summer I fell in to the hexi puff crazy. It's addicting. It's nice to be able to make one in a short amount of time and toss it in my box. I'll connect them all together once I get a little more.

You can find the instructions on Ravelry, here. If you're a knitter like me, you gotta try one...

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pattern Drafting a Corset

My final project for my flat pattern class last fall was to design and draft a corset. The teacher asked me to create something for challenging then she asked the others. I'd always been ahead in the class and really needed something extra. I began with some inspiration on pinterest and got started on something simple.

After my first fitting, I decided to split the pattern down further and remove an additional 2 inches from the waistline. I wanted more shaping then what I started out with.

From my final pattern I created bust padding which is simply quilted fabric and quilt padding. I hand stitched the padding into place using the seam allowance of my outside material. I used up-cycled jeans from my stash for the outside fabric and the same red material for the lining as the bust padding.

I used basic plastic boning slid into the seam allowance on the jean material. At the top and bottom of each section I added a decorative and functional flossing. The holds the boning in place permanently.

After I stitched the lining along the top edge I turned everything right side out and sewed a piece of biased binding along the bottom edge to finish it out. I hammered grommets in place along the back and laced it up with the flashy gold lacing. I chose not to put a front busk in since I was short on time. I have no issues getting in and out of the corset and lacing it myself. 

Finally, I made a lace undershirt to complete the ensemble. It fits perfectly and I love how it feels on. This was really a great project that stretched my skills and I love how it turned out!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Designing and Drafting a Shirt- The Final Product (aka the Skeleton Shirt)

I previously wrote out the mock up I made in my flat pattern class last fall. The completed project turned out even better! 

I designed the pattern after a 1940's sweetheart neckline with nearly elbow length sleeves and faux cuffs. The princess seams and under bust shaping makes the top fit me to a T.

I didn't have enough of either fabric so I mixed and matched. I made this around Halloween and the dancing skeletons fabric came from the scrap bin at the fabric store.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Designing and Drafting a Shirt- Working Mock Up (aka Thread Shirt)

Last fall I took a flat pattern class as part of my Fashion Apparel Design and Technology degree. One of our projects was to design a top then to create a draft and mock up.

We used a pattern block that we'd just finished from our personal measurements. I wanted a sweetheart neckline and a fitted waist which I was able to accomplish with the princess draft lines. I was going for a vintage look. I also contoured under the bust so the shirt would fit my larger bust to a T.

I used a fabric with little spools of thread tossed all over it for my mock up. I had to make a few changes but the overall design worked well. I also made 2 styles of sleeve cuffs. I'm really happy with the project and I'll show you the final design in a future post!

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