Monday, August 26, 2013

New Spice Rack!

Lookie what my hubby made me! :) My spices have been a mess for awhile. My shelves are tall and hard to see into and it just wasn't working. My husband came up with this little spice step shelf and built it to fit. Now everything looks nice and neat! I put the little-used items in the top at the back and the things that get used more often down in front. No more searching or knocking over half of them. lol He used some cedar fence boards and screws to put it all together. He's so handy and talented! :)


The new spice rack is complete!

Spice rack side view

After... so much better!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Here's a little something I got done on the side as a personal project! I've been working through my list of things I want to make and this was one of those 'I should just do it' things. :) It turned out cute, didn't take too long, and now I've got another item crossed off my list!

Friday, August 23, 2013

New on Amazon!

I've been working hard behind the scenes here at home. My sewing helper has really helped to speed up production time too. I've been cutting, sewing, prepping, and shipping items off to Amazon to be fulfilled by Amazon's Prime service!

I've sent in some stock that was sold out PLUS a couple of new colors! Brown, Gray, and Maroon are now available. Stop on in HERE for the Swiffer Sweeper refills and HERE for the Swiffer WetJet refills.

 My next goal is to get some of the color combos switched over to Amazon Prime and get them in stock. Some of the best color combos are the Rainbow and the Pink and Purple sets. I hope to get them up and running soon! Stay tuned! :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

1st Day of Preschool

Today is a big day here in my house! My youngest son started preschool for the first time today. He is so excited. He had no anxiety issues, gave me a hug and kiss, and ran off to play. He's getting to be such a big boy and I'm so proud of him!

Both of my boys are in school now and I'm so happy for them. I'm also really looking forward to the time alone. It's been years since I've had this kind of solitude! I have so much to accomplish that I will probably never be bored. Business is good and I enjoy the work. And speaking of work... I better get to it!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

1st Day of 5th Grade!

Ian heads back to school today! I'm not sure who is more excited, him or me. I hope he has a great year! :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

New Microfiber Colors!

I've been working to get several new colors available in the Swiffer Sweeper and Wet Jet cleaning pads! These are just in time for the fall ~ maroon, gray, and brown! They are available on my website (HERE) and on Etsy (HERE). They will be available on Amazon by the end of the month. Check out the links and let me know what sort of color combos might be great with these new colors. :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Faux gDiapers

A couple months ago I was approached by a returning customer requesting a faux gDiaper. (You can purchase gDiapers here.) They are a really great cloth diapering system. Unfortunately, they just don't come in very many different fabric choices. My customer was looking for some fun boy prints and not just the plain old blues. So, I went on an internet search to see what was out there in the way of patterns, then drafted up my own pattern, and created a faux gDiaper! I completed my tester (see below) and sent it off. They won't be offered to the general public. It was fun to tackle the challenge of creating something new! I hope to show you all the custom ordered faux gDiapers soon! :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

For Myself

Taking time for myself is a challenge a lot of the time! I like to squeeze in a few personal projects for myself here and there. I was able to make 2 pieces of clothing in the past month. I wish I had time for more! It's great when you take a break from your sewing business only to sew for yourself. It's my passion and my niche. What could be better? 

I completed this moss green maxi dress about a month ago. I've worn it several times and love it more each time I wear it.

I completed this halter top from a 1950's reproduction pattern yesterday. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet! I'd like to make myself some sort of matching wide headband or scarf and I envision wearing jean capri's with it. What a cute outfit! :)

School starts up in about 2 weeks. I'm really looking forward to the days where I'll have those hours to focus and build my business... And squeeze in a few more sewing projects for my self!

Do you take time for yourself? Do you like to create things, read, cook, or just watch TV?

Friday, August 2, 2013

New Products: Un-Paper Towels

There's been lots going on around here. I haven't taken much time for blogging lately! :)

A while back I decided to start dividing out my fabric stash, marking what I wanted made from it, and started cutting it all up. There is no reason to be hanging on to it all, although I love it all. I have stacks of cut items just waiting to be sewn up now!

The first stack I worked up was the un-paper towels. These things are fun to look at and are really a great way to reduce some paper waste in your house. Instead of grabbing a paper towel, which you use once and toss, why not grab a cloth towel instead? Use it then toss in the laundry to be washed and reused. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Each towel has a snap on the corners, which allow you to snap them together and roll them up on an inner core (which comes with your new un-paper towels)! When you need one, unsnap an go! Just don't put them in the microwave or the snaps will melt.

You can find the available Un-Paper Towels on my Etsy site, HERE! Check 'em out! :)

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