Monday, March 24, 2014

Krypto Dog Back Pack

I made this backpack a couple weeks ago for my preschooler. He had a smaller version but it wasn't working for him anymore. He picked out the main fabric and I picked out the accents. The pattern is by Amy of Pattern Play, however I've changed it and enlargened it for my needs. It fits a regular 3-ring binder, has plenty of pockets, and an inner zipper pocket.This is the perfect backpack for our needs!

If you're interested in a large preschool backpack they are $35.00/each. Just email me! h.greenhomegoods[at]

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Candy Cane Tutu

I've just gotten my toes wet in the world of pageants thanks to a friend. Now, I don't have any little girls and my boys don't really care for me sewing them things. So, when a friend asked me to help her with her daughters pageant outfit I jumped at the chance.

The theme to this pageant is Candy Land. The outfits can be any sort of candy theme. We came up with the Candy Cane theme and went shopping for fabrics! We picked out some shinny stuff and I took it home to sew up into a long tutu. It went together fairly quickly and I had sparkles everywhere!

I'll be finishing the top this week and the pageant is in a couple weeks. I hope to get a photo of it being worn because it's so hard to envision it unless it's on. I hope I get to make more tutus!

The tutu pattern is by Amy of Pattern Play.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Seafoam Scarf

I haven't really had tons of time to blog lately! I've been busy sewing up some tutu's, finishing a wholesale order, sewing diapers and wetbags, and creating things for myself. I've spent most of my time creating rather then being online. :) I hope to take a little time in the next week or so to catch up and show off what I've sewn.

This is a scarf I made for myself a couple months ago. The pattern is called 'Seafoam' that I found in a book. I used a soft orchid colored yarn that I loved working with. It turned out beautifully! I put all my knitting instructions and the pattern on Ravelry, HERE.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Marcia's Top

I completed this long tunic top for a friend who was traveling to Europe for a month. She needed something comfortable to wear on the airplane. This top is made from a very soft black knit fabric. I've made this shirt style for her before out of cotton so it was a little different working it up in a knit. It was a great challenge though and she loves it! Happy Travels, Marcia! :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cloth Pads

I completed these cloth pads about 2 weeks ago. They were made for a midwife who sells them at her office. It's a really great way to share the reusable, eco-friendly goodness! I made 10 postpartum and 10 regular pads in random color choices of my own.

Each wing section has the fabric on the bottom, a layer of waterproof material (PUL), then the fabric on top again. The wings have resin snaps, the same type I use on my cloth diapers so they are durable and colorfast.

The pad portion on the regular has 2 layers of (hidden) flannel with a top layer of organic bamboo velour (OBV).

The pad portion on the postpartum or overnight has 1 layer of Zorb (ultra absorbant material) with a top layer of organic bamboo velour (OBV).

Everything is serged together for a clean professional look.

Pantiliners are $7.00/each.
Regulars are $7.50/each.
Postpartum/Overnight are $8.00/each.

If you're interested in some of your own please email me at h.greenhomegoods [at]

Monday, March 3, 2014

Unplugged in March

I've really been enjoying unplugging. I get so much more done and I'm able to stay focused for longer periods of time. I always wonder how much people were able to accomplish before technology. Obviously, it helps our lives now but I'm a seamstress and don't need the computer while I'm sewing! I'm sure a seamstress in the past was able to sew an outfit much faster.

Have you joined in the Unplugged Challenge? Learn all about it HERE.

This month I'll be unplugging on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Those days seem to be the best as far as not needing to answer customer emails and such. Unplug with me or pick days that are more convenient for you.

Don't know if you can handle unplugging all day? Then try for an hour or 2 and build up to a full day!

If you unplugged, leave me a comment to tell me how it went!

Good Luck! ;)

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