Saturday, March 22, 2014

Candy Cane Tutu

I've just gotten my toes wet in the world of pageants thanks to a friend. Now, I don't have any little girls and my boys don't really care for me sewing them things. So, when a friend asked me to help her with her daughters pageant outfit I jumped at the chance.

The theme to this pageant is Candy Land. The outfits can be any sort of candy theme. We came up with the Candy Cane theme and went shopping for fabrics! We picked out some shinny stuff and I took it home to sew up into a long tutu. It went together fairly quickly and I had sparkles everywhere!

I'll be finishing the top this week and the pageant is in a couple weeks. I hope to get a photo of it being worn because it's so hard to envision it unless it's on. I hope I get to make more tutus!

The tutu pattern is by Amy of Pattern Play.

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