Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cloth Pads

I completed these cloth pads about 2 weeks ago. They were made for a midwife who sells them at her office. It's a really great way to share the reusable, eco-friendly goodness! I made 10 postpartum and 10 regular pads in random color choices of my own.

Each wing section has the fabric on the bottom, a layer of waterproof material (PUL), then the fabric on top again. The wings have resin snaps, the same type I use on my cloth diapers so they are durable and colorfast.

The pad portion on the regular has 2 layers of (hidden) flannel with a top layer of organic bamboo velour (OBV).

The pad portion on the postpartum or overnight has 1 layer of Zorb (ultra absorbant material) with a top layer of organic bamboo velour (OBV).

Everything is serged together for a clean professional look.

Pantiliners are $7.00/each.
Regulars are $7.50/each.
Postpartum/Overnight are $8.00/each.

If you're interested in some of your own please email me at h.greenhomegoods [at]

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