Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cloth Pad Order

I've been sewing different things left and right lately! One day I get a request for an outfit and the next is to sew up some cloth pads for a midwife's practice. :) Variety is great and keeps things fresh and exciting. 

I enjoyed creating these cloth pads because I got to chose the fabrics. The pink flamingos are my favorite. There are really as many possibilities as there are fabrics though. I created 5 pantyliners, 10 regular pads, and 10 postpartum pads.

If you're interested in order some of your own, just email me at h.greenhomegoods [at]

Pantyliners $7.00/e
Regular $7.50/e
Postpartum/Overnight $8.00/e

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Orange Plaid Blouse

Last week I shared with you a Purple Plaid Blouse that I made for myself. Well, this Orange Plaid Blouse is basically identical. I used the same pattern and the same purple fabric for the sleeves and collar. The body of the fabric is an orangey/yellowish plaid. It was just something I had in my stash that needed using up!

I added some binding along the collar and sleeves (made out of the orange plaid) to give it a little extra detail. The box pleats under the bust and on the back are still my favorite detail part of this top though. Another great project to add to my closet! :)

Monday, April 28, 2014

College Bound

Well I never thought I'd say this but I'm finally going back to college! :)

I attended college probably 10 years ago while my first born was a baby. Then life got in the way, things changed, and I got too busy. After awhile I just had no desire to attend and no idea what degree to pursue if I did.

Now, my sons are 11 and 4 (both going on 16...) and I know what I want to be when I grow up. lol A seamstress. You probably already guessed that, right? ;)

I looked at a couple college within driving distance and ended up choosing the community college because they had the exact degree I want to pursue: Associates in Applied Science: Apparel and Textiles: Design and Production Development. Or, as we normal people call it, a Patternmaker. I will learn the process of designing clothing, learning about fabrics, history of clothing, pattern designing, etc. I already have some of the general education classes under my belt, thanks to those classes 10 years ago. Math and American History, apparently don't change much over the years. I'm attending the same college as before and the classes are still credited... not that I remember much! 

This summer I'll be taking 6 credit hours (2 classes) online. I'll be taking an Art History class and an Introduction to Apparel Studies class. This means my schedule is just going to be even busier! I plan to hire on an extra seamstress to help in the business or cut back for awhile in other ways. Either way, I'll figure it out. 

I'm very excited to finally be attending college! I hope you can hang in there with me as I take this crazy ride! :)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Scrappy Circle Quilt

I recently got a quilt back from being quilted and it looks so awesome! I pieced the quilt over a 2-year period that I completed at the beginning of the year. The quilt uses scraps from several years worth of projects. There are scraps from my sons' baby clothes, clothes I made for myself and others, and scraps from business projects. I can remember almost all of the projects I made when I look at the fabrics. :)

I haven't completed the binding or the pillow shams yet. I hope to squeeze them this week. My sewing business is still really busy and I have several projects in all stages of completion. It's good to be busy! :)

The quilting was done by Marcia of Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting. If you have a quilt needing some beautiful long-arm quilting I highly recommend Marcia. Check out her Photo Gallery for tons of quilting examples and other completed projects she's done.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Pink Houndstooth Purse

Yesterday, I showed off my new pink and white houndstooth halter top. Today, I want to show off the purse that goes with it. :) I've made this purse style several times and the more I make of them the fast I'm getting at sewing them up. The inside has a slip pocket and a zipper pocket and the bottom has plastic canvas hidden inside to give it a stiffer base. The bag is a nice big size that can carry lots of stuff!

If you'd like one of your own, the purse style is $45 each. If you want to make your own, you can find the pattern here.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pink Houndstooth Halter Top

I really love this pattern! I've made several halter tops from it already and I might just have to make another. :) For this top I chose a pink and white small houndstooth print. I don't remember where I got the fabric but I probably got it from I don't really have a lot of pink in my closet and this was the perfect addition. The side zipper is done in an invisible style so it doesn't show. The collar is a basic white cotton fabric that I've spiced up with 2 big flower buttons that I bought at JoAnn's.

I have several more vintage inspired clothing items that I've made for myself to show off. Keep an eye out for them in the near future! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Purple Plaid Blouse

I completed a basic blouse for my own closet recently. The pattern I used is just so versatile and I've made several tops from it. The box pleats on the front and back give it a vintage flair. This shirt is one of those comfortable wear at-home-or-out shirts. I used a soft plaid flannel for the body and because I ran out of material I used a purple cotton for the sleeves and collar. The shirt worked up quickly 

You can find the blouse pattern here.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring has Sprung!

The grass is green, flowers are popping up all over the place, birds are singing, and Miss Eva is ready!

This Custom Couture Creation was made for a friend/customer's daughter for a spring themed pageant. The main blue fabric has raindrops and umbrella's all over it. We've accented the outfit with a rainbow striped fabric and a pink and white polka dot fabric. The underskirt was added in a sheer material to give the dress extra fluff and the back of the top has a mock corset style lace up (there's actually a side zipper to get in and out of the top).

I had so much fun making this! I'm getting more into sewing pageant outfits and fun girls clothes this year. It's a great change of pace for awhile. I'll be taking more custom orders in just a few short weeks. I can't wait to see what I get to make next!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Jameson's John Deere Tractor Shirt

Oh, look at this cutie! I think he's cute, but then again I'm kinda partial! :) This is my younger son, Jameson. Today he's showing off his new John Deere Tractor shirt. I took him fabric shopping with me last month and he had to pick out some of his own fabric, of course! He'd recently out-grown some shirts I made him and asked for more. I couldn't resist. ;)

The pattern I used for this is 'The Henry Shirt' from the book Sewing for Boys by Shelly Figueroa. I sewed up the size 4/5 for Jameson (who is 4 and wears 4 & 5 T). The shirt is made a little on the bigger side with a large pleat in back. This is because it's made to wear all year round with a shirt underneath for when it's colder. It's really just the perfect shirt!

If you're interested in getting a Henry Shirt just email me at h.greenhomegoods [ at ]  There are tons of fabric combinations to be made from this pattern. $25 per shirt and it's available in sizes Small: 2/3T, Medium: 4/5T, and Large: 6/7.

Ok, now go check out my cutie's pics down below! <3 him.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Wetbags Now Available!

Wetbags are great to put soiled diapers, family cloth, or pads in but they are also great to carry damp swim suits, gym clothes, or make up! I have several new fabrics and sizes in stock. Head on over to my website or Etsy to shop now! :)

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