Monday, April 28, 2014

College Bound

Well I never thought I'd say this but I'm finally going back to college! :)

I attended college probably 10 years ago while my first born was a baby. Then life got in the way, things changed, and I got too busy. After awhile I just had no desire to attend and no idea what degree to pursue if I did.

Now, my sons are 11 and 4 (both going on 16...) and I know what I want to be when I grow up. lol A seamstress. You probably already guessed that, right? ;)

I looked at a couple college within driving distance and ended up choosing the community college because they had the exact degree I want to pursue: Associates in Applied Science: Apparel and Textiles: Design and Production Development. Or, as we normal people call it, a Patternmaker. I will learn the process of designing clothing, learning about fabrics, history of clothing, pattern designing, etc. I already have some of the general education classes under my belt, thanks to those classes 10 years ago. Math and American History, apparently don't change much over the years. I'm attending the same college as before and the classes are still credited... not that I remember much! 

This summer I'll be taking 6 credit hours (2 classes) online. I'll be taking an Art History class and an Introduction to Apparel Studies class. This means my schedule is just going to be even busier! I plan to hire on an extra seamstress to help in the business or cut back for awhile in other ways. Either way, I'll figure it out. 

I'm very excited to finally be attending college! I hope you can hang in there with me as I take this crazy ride! :)

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