Friday, April 18, 2014

Jameson's John Deere Tractor Shirt

Oh, look at this cutie! I think he's cute, but then again I'm kinda partial! :) This is my younger son, Jameson. Today he's showing off his new John Deere Tractor shirt. I took him fabric shopping with me last month and he had to pick out some of his own fabric, of course! He'd recently out-grown some shirts I made him and asked for more. I couldn't resist. ;)

The pattern I used for this is 'The Henry Shirt' from the book Sewing for Boys by Shelly Figueroa. I sewed up the size 4/5 for Jameson (who is 4 and wears 4 & 5 T). The shirt is made a little on the bigger side with a large pleat in back. This is because it's made to wear all year round with a shirt underneath for when it's colder. It's really just the perfect shirt!

If you're interested in getting a Henry Shirt just email me at h.greenhomegoods [ at ]  There are tons of fabric combinations to be made from this pattern. $25 per shirt and it's available in sizes Small: 2/3T, Medium: 4/5T, and Large: 6/7.

Ok, now go check out my cutie's pics down below! <3 him.

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