Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Garden Bouquet Quilt- Month 3

The Cactus

I wish you could have heard the comments when I showed my cactus block. “Well I never heard of putting cactus in a quilt”, and “haven’t you gone modern, Nancy, with your cactus?” and “I think that’s adorable”. “I want to start right away”. “What colors do I use?”

This was the gist of the conversation which Nancy reported to Peter after the sixth meeting of the Nancy Page Garden Bouquet Quilt Club.

“Of course the cactus is old, old as the hills or the desert, but it is also ‘modern’ so I decided to put it in.” The cactus like the tulip which preceded it stands upright in its urn. The pattern for this was given earlier. Most of the members had pieced a number of the urn blocks and seamed on to them the white triangle on which birds and flowers were appliquéd. So they were ready to start just so soon as they had the pattern for the new flower.

For this block Nancy suggested a soft sage or olive green for the cactus with a rather brilliant patch of red or strawberry pink for the blossom. Since this color is brilliant Nancy suggests that a figured, fast colored material be used. The spikes or prickers on the edge of the cactus are put in with fast color embroidery cotton, either a dark green or a rich brown. They do not have to follow the design exactly, but are put in about as drawn. A very fine checked material may be used for the cactus leaves but a plain color is better.

Trace the design lightly on the triangle of white as indicated in the small inset design. Then trace the pattern on to light-weight cardboard. Then paste the newspaper pattern with directions into the Nancy Page Scrap Book. If you do not have directions for making that, be sure to write to Nancy Page, care of this paper, and a copy will be sent to you. The scrapbook furnishes a splendid place for keeping all quilt patterns safely.

After the pattern has been traced on cardboard cut it out and lay it on material. In cutting material be sure to allow one-quarter inch on all sides for turning edges under. After these are turned, basted and pressed, appliqué the pieces with fine slanting invisible hemming stitches. Then with rather heavy embroidery cotton make the prickers. At any time, now, the birds may be appliquéd, if they have not already been put in. Two blocks are now finished.

Next week the pattern is for the lily of the valley.

Here is the pattern for the cactus. You can copy and save it to your computer. When you print out your pattern make sure the 1 inch square is the correct size.

Month 2- The Tulip shows you how to transfer your pattern to the fabric and The Saucy and The Meek birds go on either side of every flower as shown in the small block next to the cactus pattern.

Here is my completed Cactus block!

Do you have any Garden Bouquet Quilt blocks to show off? Leave a link to your blog post about it in the comment section or email me a photo so I can share with everyone!

I hope you are enjoying this series!


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