Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How My Husband and I Met

With our anniversary right around the corner, I thought I'd share our story.

2002 was a hard year for me. I got pregnant with my first-born not long after my 18th birthday. I was attending a private Christian school & was near the end of my senior year. The policy for the school is immediate dismissal for pregnant students. They had a zero tolerance for un-wed pregnant mothers. Needless to say, my pregnancy was kept hush-hush for those last 3 months of school. I did graduate although not with the best memories. Not long after that I left my sons birth-father. He was not physically abusive but he was psychologically abusive and a pathological liar but that is an entirely different story and not what I want to talk about!

In early 2002, Justin had just returned from an active duty Army deployment in Kosovo. He had finished his active duty term and joined the Guard, part time, when he got back. He has since joined the Guard full time and is actually considered active duty. But before that he worked at a laser engraving and polishing company. When he wasn't working he was online or out working on a car.

During the last months of my pregnancy I also spent a great deal of time online. I had nothing else to do but try to pass the time. Justin and I crossed paths in a local chart room often and we eventually exchanged messenger emails. We began talking online frequently. He wanted to meet up with me even though he knew I was pregnant. I told him there was no way until after the baby was born and I was able to wear some decent fitting clothes again. I was pretty insecure about my body and frankly I just didn't see how a guy would date me with my baggage.

Ian was born December 2nd, 2002 from a planned c-section due to him being breeched. It was very hard adjusting and I don't think I could have done it without my mom.

Just after Christmas, when Ian was almost a month old, Justin and I finally planned to meet each other. We agreed to meet at the mall where it was busy and we had lots of people around. That day I remember walking around the upper floor looking down at our meeting spot waiting to see if he would actually showed up & he did! I was so nervous that I almost left! I finally found the courage and Ian and I went down to meet him.

I am so glad I took that leap to meet someone off the internet! We both like each other a lot and by the end of the day I just knew that Justin was 'the one'! I think he knew too but he just won't admit it. lol

We dated for a year and the next Christmas Justin proposed to me in front of my family. During the gift exchange he gave me a camera and a camera case but inside the case was a hidden box with my ring in it! It was a huge deal and several of us cried.

We were engaged for a year and a half after that. We decided to wait so we could properly plan the wedding. We had a beautiful wedding June 11, 2005. Ian was our ring bearer at 2 1/2 years old. He was so cute in his little white tux!

And that is how Justin & I met! Hope you enjoyed my little story!


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