Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Back!

After a long, half forced, half no-time-to-blog, break… I'm finally back! Well, I really am not sure how much time I'll get to blog because it’s the holiday season and I'm busy, busy, busy!

Justin got home from up-state New York last Friday (11/12/10) safely. He ended up being there 2 and a half months instead of just 2 months. He ended up being out of town again on Thursday and Friday of this past week and he'll be out of town again for the first week of December. We sure have missed him and he sure does hate being gone so much!

Pretty soon after Justin got home he fixed my laptop. It didn't have a virus but the fan and keyboard were stuffed full of fuzz and kept over heating which caused the heat sensor to shut the computer down. It's all cleaned out and working great again! Our home base computer did have a virus and it's now been fixed too. So I now have both computers available to me again! Yay!

Once my computer was fixed I was able to check my google reader… I had almost 1,000 blog posts to catch up on! I skipped over a ton and read the ones that interested me but I didn't comment on anything for time's sake. I've also been trying to catch up in other places too, which hasn't left any time to blog. I am definitely glad to be back online though!

While I was 'away' I got several projects completed and started several more! My crochet cardigan is done and I'll be dedicating a post just to it. I finished my 3 1940's style dresses. I'll have to show all of them to you too! I also picked up another wholesaler whom I create upcycled jean diaper covers for. I will have to post about that in the future too because she has a shop you could go visit! I've already completed 1 order for her and am working on a second. I've also created some pull-ups/overnight underwear for bed wetter's for a local friend of mine's children. They are really great products and I would like to carry them in my shop (when I have the time to make some!) and I hope to create a post to tell you all about them! What else? Hmmm… I've started some Christmas presents and a crocheted Christmas rag-rug (which I'll tell you about in the future). Soooo much! LOL

I have lots of ideas flowing around in my head for posts and I try to make a little note about them so I can remember them! Now, if only, I could find the time!

I hope you all have a great week!

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