Friday, January 22, 2016

The Wonderful Wallaby Sweater

My younger son requested something hand made for himself. I'd been knitting up tons of things for myself and he loves whatever I make. I was happy to oblige, of course! I wasn't about to pass up whatever my 6 year old is interested in plus it's the perfect time of year to make something warm!

I'd been wanting to make a sweater and found a pattern that I really wanted to try, The Wonderful Wallaby Sweater. He was so excited to see the progress as it grew off my needles. He's in love with the pocket (for his treasures, he says) and the hood.

He also requested a green sweater so we sat down at the computer and picked out the perfect dye color. He announced that it was 'perfect!' I dyed up 3 skeins in a semi-sold style for this project. I'm not a very fast knitter but this project went quickly and I love the results! :)

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