Monday, December 5, 2016

Zirkus Shawl

Pattern: Zirkus by Lisa Hannes
Needles: 4.50mm & 5.00 mm
Yarn: from Knitcrate and is no longer available

  • Cashmere Dreams Sock Yarn- Big Bang Theory (colored)
  • Cashmere Dreams Sock Yarn- Alta (gray)

Cast on: 6/1/16
Completed: 7/20/16

This shawl worked up pretty quickly! If I hadn't had other work projects and kids at home during the summer I probably would have gotten it done faster.

This was my first mosaic knitting experience and had a lot of fun with it. I bought the yarn as a kit from Knitcrate and the pattern came from Ravelry. The yarn colorways have been discontinued but any sock yarn will work for this pattern. I like the gray but I should have changed the other color to something that popped more. Live and learn! Either way it's a great shawl. 😊

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