Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cloth Diapering- Laundering Basics

Basics on Washing and Drying your Cloth Diapers


  1. Run an all cold wash cycle with ¼ of the recommended detergent or ½ c. vinegar. This all cold cycle is important to remove all the “yuck” and to prevent stains.

  2. Wash the entire load again on a warm or hot cycle again with ¼ of the recommended detergent, use vinegar if you are getting a detergent build-up. (*Use a fabric softener ball to be released in the rinse cycle.)

  3. Do a second rinse for good measure.

  4. If diapers don’t smell clean try an extra rinse or completely wash again in the same fashion as describe above.


  1. Line Drying is recommended. The sun naturally sanitizes and bleaches the cloth diapers which helps them last longer and has the added benefit of saving energy and money.

  2. Machine Drying is the best for space, time, or weather restraints, & makes them softer and fluffier. It’s recommended to put a large dry towel in with the diapers to help them dry faster.

  3. You can use one or the other drying method exclusively or alter between the two depending on your preference or need.

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