Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finishing the Edge- Binding Tutorial

This is the final addition to my binding tutorials! I hope you've all enjoyed them & learned something!! :)

Have you ever wondered how to finish off the edging of your binding? Finishing off the edge will reduce the bulk & hide your beginning and ending points. These directions will show you how! (Some sewing knowledge needed.)

When applying your binding leave a tail of 5 or so inches at the beginning and ending and a portion unsewn.

Make sure you leave enough tail at each end that they overlap at least the width of your binding.

With a pencil or other marking pen that doesn’t bleed, overlap your binding tails & mark each tail, one on top of the other.

With the top binding tail fold back at the pencil mark, creating a 45 degree angle. Finger press. With the bottom edge fold down at the pencil mark, creating a 45 degree angle that matches up with the other one. Finger press.

Carefully open the folds & pick up the binding, keeping the pressed angles together. The right sides of the binding will be together & the pencil markings will be matched up at the corner. Pin in place.

Sew down the center of angles where you finger pressed. Unpin & lay the binding down to make sure it fits nicely.

Once you know it’ll fit properly trim the edges to ¼ inch & iron open.

Pin into place & complete your binding as usual. Congratulations, check out your handiwork!

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