Sunday, October 19, 2008

How to Turn a Corner with Binding Tutorial

Here is the 3rd addition to my 'how-to apply binding series'! The first one shows you how to apply binding to a curved edge and the second one shows you how to apply binding to a straight edge. Don't forget to check out how to make your own biased binding. Some basic sewing knowledge is needed! :)

When applying binding to a project, have you ever wondered how to turn a corner? Did you even know it was possible? Turning a corner is very easy once you get the hang of it! It’s great as you don’t have to cut & fold your binding at the corners & you have less bulk & a beautifully finished corner!

Begin by pinning on your binding.

Pin so your binding goes off the corner. I am sewing on ¼ inch binding, so I will mark ¼ an inch from my corner with a pin. If you are sewing on a different width, say ½ inch binding, then place a pin ½ inch from the corner.

Begin sewing up to but not past your marking pin. Back stitch to keep your thread from pulling out.

Fold back the binding. The binding will create a 45 degree angle from the corner. Finger press (create a crease with your finger).

Fold the binding forward to be even with edge of your project. Don’t unfold your previous fold. Finger press.

Pin your binding in place.

Sew on the binding, for my ¼ inch binding I will sew just inside ¼ inch. Sew all the way off the corner, backstitching. Remove the pins.

Fold the binding back & iron flat. Notice how the corner has a neat fold.

Turn your project back over, wrong side facing up. Begin folding & pinning the binding over along the edges, working towards the corner.

When you get to the corner, fold one edge over & pin.

Fold the other edge over & pin. It will naturally create a 45 degree angle & sort of mimic the one on the right side.

Turn your project right side up & sew on the binding close to the inner edge on the binding trying not to sew off the edge. Remove the pins & iron flat. Congratulations, admire your handiwork!


If you have any questions, just ask! :)


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