Monday, June 22, 2009

My New Sewing Room!

All the hard work has finally paid off! My new sewing room is complete!
We started off with a messy basement corner…

After it was cleared out, we put down sub-flooring and built a couple walls with doors.
Here I painted a test patch on the ceiling. I was trying to envision what the whole thing would look like painted.
Once I’d completed the drywall I primer painted them white.
New carpet was installed June 12, 2009. It feels great under my feet!
Once I bought the paint I painted a test patch. I chose pale yellow for on the walls with a little darker shade of yellow for the doors and trim work.
My dad came over the weekend after the carpet was installed & sprayed the ceiling white. That was a huge job! The first coat went on Saturday and the second coat went on Sunday. I also painted the doors over the weekend.
Monday, June 15th, I painted the walls and trim work in the morning. Luckily, one coat was enough. Once that was done I moved all my sewing things into the basement. My brother-in-law and a friend came over in the evening to move all my heavy furniture into the new room. He also moved all the baby furniture up into what is now the baby’s room.
Moving out of the baby’s room…
Moving into the new sewing room…
The next few days I spent putting all my sewing stuff away. I got rid of a few things and did my best to organize everything else.
This past weekend I bought a folding table to serve as my sewing table. The other table will now be just for computer stuff. I love having so much extra room! The room is much larger then my old sewing room and I now have more of an ideal place for my sewing!
The last few things that will need to be finished up are extra lighting and electrical outlets. My dad plans to do that in the near future. The lighting isn’t too bad as it reflects off of the nice white ceiling and I’m making due with an extension cord to run my sewing machine. I’ve already put the space to good use!
Next on the to-do list is the baby’s room…

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