Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Windows!

2009 seems to be the year of changes in my life. So far this year I worked for my mom during the tax season, came home again, got pregnant, got a new sewing room, and got new windows.

We finally replaced half of the 60 year old windows in our home. The backside of our house is fairly unprotected by the elements and the windows had severely deteriorated. They were also single paned windows. Imagine how hard that is on our heating and cooling bill! We opted to replace those windows this year and take advantage of the economic stimulus package. Our budget allowed us to replace half of the windows this year and the other half in a year or 2 to come. It feels strange but I’m so excited about the new windows! I can’t imagine why. LOL I can already feel the temperature difference and that’s a big deal with the heat index being around 110 degrees these past few days.

I opted to keep the window casement style but change the layout from a 3 window unit to a 2 window unit. All the hardware works, unlike the old windows where half the handles were missing and I had to use a pair of pliers to open them or they just wouldn’t open. The new windows are double paned glass, a huge improvement from the single glass. All the windows sills were also replaced because the previous owners had a large dog that destroyed them. I’m going to either stain the sills to match the other woodwork or paint all the trim to match the new windows. I haven’t decided yet and I’m already arguing with my husband who balks at any mention of painting wood of any kind.

We purchased the windows through Home Depot. They were very professional throughout the whole process. They are very serious about doing good work and making the customer happy. And I’m happy!

I took a ton of photos of each window for my husband who’s been out of town these past 3 weeks attending his annual training with the National Guard. He always seems to be gone when major projects like this happen. That’s just a minor hazard of being in the military I guess.

I’m only going to post a few of those photos because it takes forever to upload them.


(Of course, Ian had to help.)


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