Friday, March 18, 2011

Fitness Friday: 12 Simple Ways to Curb Your Appetite

There are several natural ways to suppress your that is safe for your body, one of them is exercise and drinking lots of water, but here are 12 ways to beat the urge to binge.

#1 Peppermint Oil added to some water

#2 Apples
Most experts agree that apple comes first on the list of suppressants. You may have noticed that apples take longer to chew especially if you do not cut them into little pieces. Chewing longer will give your brain the time it needs to register that you are full. This will in turn reduce your chances of overeating. Apples are also fiber-rich. Fiber can make you feel fuller longer because it does not digest quickly.

#3 Tea
Aside from being an anti suppressant, green tea in particular is known for its ability to help burn fat. This is why it is popular among people who wish to lose weight. The beverage however can also stimulate the release of hormones that can control or limit food cravings.

#4 Chocolate
Some kinds of chocolates should be avoided. Some brands and types carry a lot of calories and are sugar rich which makes them major weight contributors. Very small portions of dark chocolate however may be good for you. The bittersweet taste of pure dark chocolate can leave you feeling satisfied.

#5 Oatmeal
Another suppressant is the oatmeal. That’s why it should be in your breakfast menu more often. Oatmeal contains carbohydrates that do not quickly run out as you use it for energy, hence making you feel less like eating more. It is also fiber rich.

#6 Flaxseeds or Flax Oil
Looking for another rich in fiber? Flaxseeds are yet again rich in fiber. They are however, best consumed when raw. If you want more flavors with your flaxseeds, you can mix them with your early morning bowl of oatmeal.

#7 Water
Hydration is another important thing. Drinking a lot of water throughout the day can keep you hydrated. It can also limit your appetite especially if you drink a glass before a meal.

#8 Salad
Eat salad. It makes a lot of sense to serve salads before the main meal. This is because salads are rich in fiber. Some salad greens also contain water. This makes them perfect suppressants.

#9 Coffee
Coffee can also help you cut your appetite. You do have to take it moderately though. Drink only one or two cups a day and make sure that your creamer is non-fat. If you are able to take unsweetened coffee then that would be a better idea.

#10 Soup
There’s a reason why soups are served before the main course. Like salads, soup too is often served before the main course. Since soup contains water, it can naturally make you feel full even before you take your first bite. Do make sure though that you do not take soup that is creamy because this can be fattening.

#11 Almonds
The proteins and enzymes can trick your belly into fullness... It also has a lot of healthy fats as well, just stick with the low or no salt ones.

#12 Be Mindful and Thankful of your Food
Being mindful, expressing gratitude over how the food got to your plate, and chewing to enjoy your food are all great ways to fill up quickly.

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