Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Morning Ramblings

You know how sometimes your mind just rambles on and on until you have to just sit down and get it out? I kinda feel like that this morning!
Jameson and Me

I got a new camera! I'm so excited! I've used it a little and it takes really great pictures. I'm hoping that my products and business will benefit from it. Technically it could be considered a business expense. I will have to keep that in mind if I have to claim taxes this year.

Speaking of photographs, many customers don't realize the extra time it takes to photograph items and then edit the photos on the computer. Photo editing can eat up a lot of time that I'd rather be sewing!

Taken on a walk around my neighborhood
Sewing and Clothing

I seem to be sewing a lot of clothing lately. I'm not really impressed with what's in the stores so I'm putting my skills to good use. Also, for the price of a pattern I'm able to make several sets of clothes for my youngest. My oldest isn't interested in what I make so he's settling for what we can find at the thrift store. Clothing budget is always tight but I'm glad I don't have to dress to impress anyone!
Stopping to smell the flowers (these irises smell like grape koolaid!)

With my husband out of town I'm only washing about half the loads I normally do. How does that work out? He doesn't normally wear a lot of different clothes but I seem to have to separate his & wash them alone because of the grease he gets on them. I like when he's gone, it means less house work! I also clean the house less often & have one less person to pick up after, cook for, etc.

Taken on a walk around my neighborhood
Power and the TV

We had a very rainy day yesterday. At one point in the late afternoon lightening struck our city's transformer (just for perspective our city only has 250 people) and the power was out for about 3 hours. My boys thought they were going to die with out the TV. I enjoyed the quietness and they eventually stopped bugging me and found something to do. I don't usually watch much TV but it's on almost all day for the boys. I'm thinking it's time to cut down on our TV watching again and learn to be creative in other ways.

A bird house on a tree in my front yard 

And that's my random rambling thoughts for today! It feels good to be blogging again!

My boys: Ian (9) & Jameson (2)

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