Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sewing Saturday: Cutting Fabric and a Custom Order

It's really great to have my husband home! Since he was deployed the past year he decided to take off work for the month of May. He's been working around the yard and taking care of all those things I just never could get around to. Plus, he's decided to screen in our little porch. I'm so excited!

But life is always busy these days. We're still knee deep in homeschooling. Actually, we work on a year round schedule, summer vacation is only a short 4 weeks here. However, that just means less time to be bored when we are stuck inside with 110* temps and no need to waste time reviewing. I took the time to plan out our next years worth of vacation days and have worked in several breaks for vacation! We've started planning a road trip for next year... Yosemite National Park, Redwood National Forest, and possibly the Grand Canyon! It's exciting to be able to live our lives on our own time table. :)

Enough of that! When I get the chance (usually late at night) I get to work on my little sewing business. Lately I've been going through my fabric and just cutting, cutting, cutting. I have so much cut that I think I'm set for the next year for projects to complete! I've cut hundreds of diapers and covers (photo of only part of what I have done below) and I've cut countless wetbags, cloth wipes, unpaper towels, and grocery bag dispensers out.

I'm also working on a custom order for a neighbor. I've completed the set of 9 contoured nursing pads and am working on the matching diapers sets to go along with them! Everything is turning out great and I can't wait to finish them so I can get them to her!

I better get back to work! :)

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