Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Yellow Polka Dots

In my 'spare time' I've been working on a few things for myself. Really, spare time just means I've been staying up late. :) I found the yellow polka dot fabric in the late winter sometime and just had to buy several yards of it, not really knowing what I'd make. I came across a couple cute patterns later and knew what I wanted.

The first item I made is a vintage 1950's halter top summer dress. The pattern is a reproduction of a vintage pattern that I purchased from La Prairie Lady. Before I made the dress I made a mock up to adjust the fit to get it just right. The back cut out is really a fun element of the dress. I added the black binding along the bodice and hem of the skirt to make it stand out a bit.

The second item I made is a working muslin of the Afternoon Top. It has a nice loose feel to it, great to tuck into a pair of pants or to just leave out. It was a quick shirt to make and I'll probably make more.

The last item I made is a 31 purse sleeve to match. I love the idea of the changeable outer part of the purse and created my own pattern so I could match my outfits exactly. It was a fun, quick little project. :)

I hope to get some more 'spare time' soon!


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