Friday, September 19, 2014

Custom Order: Adult Cloth Diapers

I seem to get a lot of traffic when I post about adult cloth diapers. I have been making some here and there for handicapped individuals and really enjoy the process and helping other be more comfortable in their daily lives. I like to share what I've completed for others to see. Of course, the new owners are always anonymous and the packaging they come in are post office priority boxes, also unmarked for the contents.

I completed the order below a couple weeks ago and am so glad to have high compliments for my workmanship. One diaper has 4 hidden layers of terry with 4 layers of flannel outside. The other has 6 layers of terry inside and 6 layers of flannel outside. Both have elastic at the legs and the back. These have no closures added by me because the customer prefers using pins they already have. Both diapers are serged in a light blue thread as requested.

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