Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hello, Summer!

by Gregory K.
Goodbye, classroom!
Goodbye, Teach!
You can find me at the beach...
Or in the park or at the pool
Or any place that isn’t school.
Goodbye, quizzes!
Bye, reports!
Hello days packed full of sports
And days when I’m just lazybones
While eating melty ice cream cones.
Goodbye, homework --
Lunchroom, too.
There’s so, so much I wanna do.
I know the school year flew on past…
But please, please summer -- last and last.

Ian is officially finished with Kindergarten! He’s had a good year with many notes home regarding his constant talking… nothing new to me as talking is part of who he is. He’s grown a lot both academically and physically. And he’s so excited that it’s summer time!

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