Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Show & Tell!

Hello! I’m participating in another Blog Carnival as part of my Etsy Bloggers Team. I’m supposed to share my Summer Line. Although I don’t particularly have a Summer Line I do have a ton of projects going on right now! Over the past 4 months I’ve collected lots of fabric but haven’t had a chance to make anything because I was busy working in my mom’s tax office. Thank goodness that time of the year is over with! Now that I’m back home I’m finding that I have so much to do. I went through some of my fabric & wrote out or drew up plans/pictures that I wanted to make from that particular fabric. Then I hung up the fabric & pinned on the drawing to help me stay a little more organized. Here ‘s the line-up…

At the time it didn’t seem like there was too much there but I think it multiplied somehow. Anyway, any chance I get I’ll take down a hanger, iron the fabric & cut out the project, then I hang it back on the hanger & stick it in the closet until I’ve got the chance to sew…

I have lots of aprons (adult & child), cloth diaper covers, and a few sewing projects for myself in that mix.

So there’s my “Summer Line”! LOL :)

In other show and tell news, my basement sewing room is coming along nicely. All the stuff is moved out of the space. To save money I’ve painted the 2 concrete walls with this really thick paint that has sand in it. It’s supposed to seal the walls & give it a bit of a texture. It worked really well! The floor underlayment has been put down. We bought this stuff called Dricore… it has the wood on top & a molded plastic underneath which raises up the floor & leaves it breathable underneath which protects against moisture. Click here to learn more. We’re also closing in this part of the basement to make it look more like a room. The walls have been framed up & drywall is going up. Yay! There will be a door going in between the long wall (which faces the outside stairwell) and a closet is going in under the stairs. I think we’re going to paint the ceiling to keep it from feeling too closed in and to also save money. We’re also going to put down carpet. Once all the remodeling is done I can move in my sewing room & begin work on the baby’s room.

So that’s all for now! I can’t wait to have my sewing room put together so I can have the time to do all those sewing projects!

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