Friday, August 28, 2009

Vacation 2009, Part 4

Tuesday, August 4, 2009, we drove to Sheridan, WY. I took lots of pictures along the way. The landscape changed drastically from green and hilly to flat, dry and sandy then changed to sharp peaks but it was still dry and sandy.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009, we drove to Cody, WY. On our way we drove through a mountain range. The roads were the worst to take an RV on. They were windy, back and forth, to climb up the mountain side and windy back down. I didn’t handle it very well! A good portion of the windy roads going up were also being worked on… all the road was ripped up & we took the RV off roading on the dirt path, literally. It scared the crap out of me! On our way down the other side we stopped at Shell Creek to let the breaks cool down. We were very lucky that we did because the breaks were both smoking. We got out and Justin was looking underneath the RV at the breaks on one side and Ian looked at the other side. Ian then yells that he sees flames! Part of the rubber covering on the breaks was literally on fire! Justin yelled at me to get a bottle of water to pour on it. Luckily, I was holding one! We got the fire put out and decided to take a break from driving and let the breaks cool down for awhile. In the mean time we walked the trail at Shell Creek and took lots of pictures. It was very pretty! When we were done the breaks were cool enough and had suffered no serious damage so we drove on and we eventually made it to Cody, WY. Once at our campground we unloaded the car & drove through part of Yellowstone, just to the fishing bridge, took some photos and walked around a bit and went back to rest! What a day!

Click on the link below to view all the pictures of Part 4!

Stay tuned for the final Part 5!

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