Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pattern Drafting 101: Terminology

Here is a list of terms you will come across frequently in drafting and sewing patterns. Knowing what these are means we are 1 step closer to beginning a project!


  • CF- Center Front.
  • CB- Center Back.
  • SS- Side Seam.
  • SA- Seam Allowance.
Armscye: curve of the armhole.

Bias: 45 degrees of the grain, allows fabric to stretch, mostly used for biased binding but can also be used to drape fabric a certain way creating a desired effect.

Dart: used to shape or contour the fabric to the body.

Dart Point: this is pretty much as it sounds; the tip and pointed end of a dart.

Drape: a fine art and a unique way of pattern making. It involves placing the material against the figure you will be working with and draping until you get the desired effect. Once you have a shape you are happy with, you mark and pin the areas where you want the darts to be and then start creating the shape from this.

Ease: an extra measurement that is added for comfort or a looser fit.

French Curve: a useful tool when making your own patterns. It is a way of drawing exact curves, particularly useful when you are making sleeves. They come in all shapes and are a useful addition to the serious dressmaker’s toolbox.

Grading: grading is how a pattern is made bigger or smaller, depending upon the measurements that you have. If you purchase a store bought pattern, you will see several different sizes, this is grading at it's finest.

Grain: the weave of the fabric.

Grain line: a line (usually a long, 2-headed arrow) on a pattern that indicates the pattern should be placed along the grain of the fabric keeping your completed garment from pulling or stretching in the wrong places.

Notch: a wedge cut from the seam allowance which indicates key matching points on seams.

Slash: a cut or a slit made in the pattern to facilitate the construction of a pattern, to lengthen or shorten.

Sleeve Cap: the curved top section of the sleeve.

Sleeve Ease: similar to a notch, the sleeve ease is the extra bit of fabric that ensures that the wearer has movement in the sleeve area.

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