Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sewing Room Progress- Completed!

I showed you a couple months ago what my sewing room looked like. If you don't remember you can go see it HERE.

Over the Christmas/Winter break we completely re-did my sewing room. I know, I'm crazy for working on it with little people underfoot. I repainted the walls in a medium-gloss frosty blue and all the trim work and doors were painted a glossy white. The room really needed a good paint job! After painting came installations (while working on orders, makes for one stressed out SAHM/WAHM!)… my husband built all the frame work and custom built shelving and put in countertops. I now have one long countertop, which sits in front of the window, instead of 2 pieced together and different height tables. I also requested a short countertop to create an L shaped, but instead of it being sitting height like the long one is, it's is higher for standing height. I work there when I'm tired of sitting and it's so nice to have that option! Other then the obvious paint and installations a lot of work went into organization. Most of that isn't nearly as obvious in the pictures. I like organizing… hmmm, maybe I should become a professional organizer? Well, if sewing ever quits speaking to me then maybe I will! lol

Anyways, here is the final result! All my fabric is still stored in the basement on shelving, which is just an extension of my older son's room, so you won't see it here. I'm so glad it's done!

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