Friday, June 22, 2012

Fitness Friday!

Since my husband will be gone for so long I decided I needed something to help get me through the time. It's a proven fact that exercise helps depression, not to mention the waistline!

So, I decided to get myself back in the game. I've been back and forth with some sort of fitness routine for the past year but I've not lost anything or had much motivation. This time around it feels different! I've got so much more energy and I just feel happy (most) of the time.

I set up a 15 week program to follow. I'm starting with some 'experience' but not a whole lot so it moves slowly enough but not too slowly that I'll get bored with it. I do a daily yoga session, usually at night after I get the boys to bed so I can wind down. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I do my version of the couch to 5k jogging plan. I will post my version next. And Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm doing some strength training exercises.

At first I wasn't sure how I would be able to squeeze in another thing in to my day but it is all working out better then I hoped. I think the biggest thing is teaching my boys that this time is 'mom's time' and you can't bug me for 30 minutes. It's a work in progress for them because as all mom's know that once your kids can't have access to something (or someone) then that's the only thing they want!

After I figured out my exercise routine I focused on my eating habits. This wasn't too hard. Stay away from processed crap and eat as close to raw as possible with a few meals of meat thrown in here and there because I'm not a vegetarian. I'm also way too busy to cook everything so I cheated a little and bought some pre-packaged healthy frozen meals. There is actually a lot more to choose from then what I remember! The key is keeping everything balanced.

Lastly, I track everything on I don't have to think about calorie counting because this does it for me. And the more people who use it the larger the food database has gotten. They also have apps for the smart phones and I have it on my kindle fire. Click and go. For me it's really gotten as simple as that.

So, how far have I come, you ask!?!

I've just finished week 2. I'm down 5 pounds but haven't noticed a huge change in the way I look. My moods and energy levels are way, way up though and that is what really counts at this point in time. My goals are to finish the 15 week plan and to be down another 15 pounds. That will get me very close to my goal weight.

And this concludes my first Fitness Friday in a long time. I hope to have many more!

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