Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sewing Saturday: Handmade Clothes

My wardrobe has been lacking lately. The majority of my clothes are in such poor shape, don't fit, or ones that I no longer love. I've been wanting to get myself some new clothing as part of my weight loss. I just haven't found the time to make it to the stores though! But I'm not stressing over it.  I prefer the higher quality, better fitting look of handmade clothing so it was a no brainer to decide to make my own clothes. I took a few minutes here or there to shop for patterns online and I've taken an extra half hour after grocery shopping on 2 separate occasions to pick up some pretty fabric. Although, it will take me longer to make the clothes then it would to just go buy ready made items, I do enjoy the process a lot more then shopping.

So far I've made a black and white polka dot knit dress (not shown), black knit pants (not shown), gray knit pants, and a cream and violet floral top. I have plans to make several more tops for the cold season, a coat, and pajama set. I better get to it if I want to get everything done!

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