Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shop Sunday: Hillbilly Handiworks

*It's been awhile since I had a Shop of the Week. This is the time of the week where I introduce you to new shops around the internet or let you in on a deal or sale going on. So shop on!

Hillbilly, aka Tonya, aka my sister, is the author of the blog Hillbilly Handiworks. She is a super busy woman... maybe even super woman! :) She stays home, homeschools her kids, runs an online fabric shop, and sews whenever she can. Tonya has lovely fabric for sale on her blog! She has a $4 a yard sale going on right now as well as a 99 cent fat quarter sale.

Tonya has been going through some tough times with her husband. He's been ill for a couple of weeks and had to recently be taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with ketoacidosis, a dangerious diabetic condition. He will also be having his gallblader removed tomorrow (Monday) sometime. You can read more about it directly on Tonya's blog, here.

Prayers for Jerry, Tonya, and their family will be greatly appreciated right now!

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