Monday, November 26, 2012

Closing Up Shop

Sometimes things just don't work out and it's best to let them go. You know?

I've decided to shut down my main Heather's Green Home Goods website. The URL will point to my blog instead. I'll be keeping the name, used as an umbrella term, and keeping the facebook page. The website became a real headache and source of stress to try to manage. Driving traffic to it was also not really working out well. So, I decided to just push that off my plate and stick to Etsy. :)

And right on the heels of that decision I decided I needed to close up shop at Heather's Custom Sewing. It's sad to see this shop go! It was my first online selling site and I've run it since June 2008. However, my life has turned in a different direction entirely from where I started! I enjoy sewing aprons, tote bags, etc but doing so has just taken up too much of my time lately. I really want to put all my focus into my green cleaning shop and my cloth diaper shop.

Micromops and Hen and Chick Cloth are staying right where they are on Etsy and hopefully we will see some growth from them in the coming months. I have new items I'd like to add and a few new products I'd like to develop. Keep an eye out for what's new!

Heather's Custom Sewing will be shut down at the end of this year, 2012. Everything in the shop is currently $5.00 and under. I would LOVE for these products to go to a good home for the holiday season (and I would love the extra space in my sewing room)!

Oh and use coupon code BLOG15 for an extra 15% off your purchase!

Happy Shopping!!!

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