Tuesday, November 27, 2012

P2RL: Slime

A while ago, my boys and I were getting a little bored with playdough, so I thought I'd look up something new and fun to do. What I found was Slime! This is such an easy project to create and it leaves you with hours of fun play time! 

I used equal parts glue and liquid starch. I only had the white glue on hand but you can also use the clear kind for a different look. It's also really fun to add some food coloring to the glue before mixing it with the starch (I did the other way around and it didn't mix as well). After the color and glue is mixed, stir in the starch, the whole thing will begin to solidify, and you can then take it out and work it with your hands. We had it on the cookie sheet at first while we worked in the rest of the starch to contain the mess but once it was mixed in then we could just put it right on the table with little mess. For storage, we put it in a plastic baggie, squeezed out the air, and put it in the frig. I have no idea if keeping it cold helped extend the life but after awhile the slime picked up bits and pieces of yuck and I tossed it out. So now we need to start all over... maybe with a different color! :)

At first Jameson did not want anything to do with it! He didn't like the texture but once he saw his older brother playing with it then he had to do it too!! There have been many a happy hour with the slime in our house (read: the kids were busy so mom could get something done)!

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