Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ahhhh #1: The Pointing Star

My sister over at Hillbilly Handiworks has been creating hexagon designs for awhile now. Her hexagon series are called Artistic, Hexotic, Hectic, Hillbilly Hexagons: AHHHH's for short. She's teamed up with Paper Pieces, who help her out by pre-cutting all those little pieces. Tonya then counts them, divides them, sells them, and ships them out as little kits. On her blog there are links along the top for learning how to create hexagons to how to purchase her kits. 

I've completed the first hexagon in the series: The Pointing Star. These are all hand sewn and done in my free time, which isn't too often, so they are slow going. I love picking out the fabric and enjoy the whole process though!

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