Friday, March 20, 2015

Heather's Weekly Gazette, Issue 2

Ok, well, it's been a little over a week since I last wrote. Life has sure been busy lately!

Social Media Outlet

Umm, yeah, this has been slacking a bit. I've had my nose in my college books and haven't focused on much of what's going on the world lately. I hope to pre-schedule a few things in the coming weeks though! 

My Facebook page is Heather's Green Home Goods. My Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter handle is hgreenhomegoods.

Business Buzz

All of my business outlets have reopened! I really enjoyed the break but the business is not only my livelihood but also something that I love doing. I'm working on a few sales and giveaway announcements so keep an eye out!

Business Undertakings

This week I shipped off 407 microfiber rounds that have been serged together with a hidden waterproof layer. I still need to cut and sew another 193 and get them out the door. They are headed to the Old Soap Factory where they are packaged with a natural wax which is great to use to refurnish wood cutting boards, etc. 

The Yarn Alcove

I made a little progress on the shawl I've been working on but not enough to share. Instead I wanted to show you what I bought at a local yarn shop last week while on my break. OOOhhh, AAAhhh!

 In Other News

I was able to get work done on my left arm recently. I've been wanting a half sleeve that really speaks to me. I gave several designs to my tattoo guy and he delivered a really great custom piece. All the black is done and I get color next week. I think it's amazing!

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