Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Cut off.

That's how I feel right now...

My main computer, a laptop, fried last week. It literally over heated. I almost, literally, threw it out the window. Don't worry I didn't. And don't worry about all my important information because it is stored on a server, so nothing was lost. Except my sanity. *Sigh*

I have a back-up computer, although it's not a laptop and isn't in an area in our house that's conducive to writing or children. Not only that but it runs on an older browser which won't open things and runs really slowly and I can't get the new version and and and...  it's a long story which I won't bore you with!

My husband's orders were also extended by 2 weeks and he won't be home for about 3 more weeks now. Which means... limited computer time for me and no blogs for you! Sorry. :( Trust me, it makes me sad too!

I keep telling myself that this is all just a blessing in disguise... a very good one...

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