Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cardigan- Completed!

I finished my cardigan a while ago and it's time to show it off!

But first I want to tell you about how much a pain the sleeves on this cardigan have been! I should clarify… the pattern was incomplete for the sleeves. The pattern told me how to make the sleeve from the wrist to the bicep but not from the bicep on up and over the shoulder aka the sleeve cap. I was so frustrated that I put my work down and walked away from it for a few days. The short break was just what I needed. I did a Google search and found a couple articles about how to knit the sleeve cap. It wasn't exactly what I needed but I used the directions anyway. I wrote up some directions and drew myself a picture on some graph paper. I began crocheting and quickly realized the pattern needed altering so I took all my work back out. On my second try I found that the sleeve cap was too tall! I only had a basic height measurement from the original directions. So I took most of my work out again. The third time was the charm! I got my pattern correct and height right.

After the sleeves were done, I sewed them into the body of the cardigan and then sewed up the side seems. After that I put some red trim around the wrists and bottom edge.

And here is the completed project! (*You can see the gray yarn is different shades on the sleeve, this is because I must not have gotten skeins from the same dye lot even though I bought everything at the same time. That is a mistake I hope to never make in the future!) The cardigan fits really well & it's a perfect basement sewing room cardigan!

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