Monday, November 14, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect

I recently read a really great post over at about how it's ok to not be perfect, to not have it all together. So I thought I'd fess up too and let you in on some of the stuff I don't do.

  • I don't dress nice everyday. In fact, today I never changed clothes after my morning yoga session.
  • I don't wear make up or do my hair. Occasionally I do or when I feel like I need something extra but it's definitely not every day!
  • I don't clean the house daily or even weekly. It gets cleaned about once every 2 weeks (vacuum, dust, mop, bathrooms, etc). Clutter, on the other hand, gets dealt with on a daily basis, if not it goes in my 'in-box' to deal with as soon as possible. Clutter and cleaning are 2 different things in my book. :)
  • I don't exercise regularly. I'm really trying to remedy this but having a toddler in the house is not conducive to exercising in a timely manner. lol
  • I don't run errands as often as I should. It's exhausting to shop with a toddler who screams that he's 'stuck' at the top of his lungs when you buckle him in the cart while getting dirty looks from the other shoppers. Not fun.
  • I don't do dishes… much. Throughout the day dishes get tossed in the sink (that's my only rule… dishes must go in the sink). At the end of the day I rinse them off & stick them in the dishwasher. Sometimes I don't even rinse. Handwashing, such as the big pots and pans, usually sit until I have a nice big stack, making it worth my time to wash them all at once.
  • I don't make my bed, or the kids beds. The only time they get made is when fresh sheets get put on (which I do weekly) and then the bed gets jumped on almost immediately… gotta love those toddlers!
  • I don't make Ian's school lunches anymore. I used to when he first started going to school, then he came home to be homeschooled to get him over a hump (that's another thing I don't do anymore… homeschool) and this year I applied and qualified for reduced lunch costs so I don't have to make his lunch at home anymore. This makes my morning routine SO much easier!
  • And lastly, I don't feel guilty for not doing these things!

So what about you?! I'd love to hear about the things that you don't do that make you perfectly imperfect!

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