Monday, November 7, 2011

Show 'N Tell

Good grief! A whole 'nother week has blown by without me writing a blog post! I've been in a funk, I guess, and no amount of scheduling is making me want to blog right now. I'm not sure why! So, I guess I'll just be posting here and there until things are better.

Today I wanted to show off some things I've completed recently and other things that are near to being complete. Not blogging as often is sort of a good thing in the craft room… I'm not being stretched in as many directions and I'm trying to do some deep focusing, which means I'm getting a good many things completed on my sewing to-do list!

Hexagon Wall Hanging
I'd been hand sewing all these little hexagons together for some time and to be perfectly honest I was sick of the fabric. The pattern wasn't coming together like I wanted and I was tired of fussing with it. So I said enough was enough, quilted it, bound it, put some loops on it, & hung it on my wall. Ah, much better!

This was another of those 'I just want it done already' projects. I guess it didn't help that my toddler ripped my knitting needles out of the project at one point and unraveled part of it. I got the needles back in but had trouble getting the pattern to match back up, so I bound off the part I got done and used the extra yarn to make 2 crocheted granny squares for the ends. It's definitely different but I like the look and I'm so glad the project is off my list!

Christmas PJ Pants
I decided that my boys and I will have matching PJ pants this Christmas. My husband is not included in the 'boys' part of this project. He wouldn't be caught dead in something other then plain or plaid fabric. lol I don't have a completed picture but they are all done! I made the patterns myself by copying existing pants onto wrapping paper and adding seam allowances. I have some extra flannel left over that I *might* get the chance to making into a simple lap quilt before it gets warm again.

Ahhhh Hexi's
If you're not familiar with this Sew-Along, hop on over and check it out! I've completed my first star hexagon and have started working on my second one. It's nice to sit and hand sew on these and listen to the radio or a book on tape/cd.

Thanksgiving Banners
I've started a couple of Glue-batik banners. I found the instructions on Pinterest (my guilty pleasure). More on this at a later date when they are finished and I know how well it works… or not.

The Walk Away Dress
Lastly, I bought myself some vintage sewing patterns. I'm hoping to 'update' my wardrobe. I'm a fanatic for rockabilly although I have as yet to show it on the outside. I decided I need to make a few changes in a few ways awhile ago and honestly I'm tired of trying to fit into other peoples idea of what I should be and do and wear. So there you go, maybe that's why I've not been blogging much, I've been too introspective lately. Anyways, more pics when it's done!

I have a couple other things I've been working on but I will hold off on talking about them until they are done. Hope you all have a great week!

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