Friday, May 25, 2012

Raw-Edge Raglan T-Shirts

I'm in love with the book 'Sewing for Boys' by Shelly Figueroa and Karen LePage. Earlier I posted about some bowler style shirts I made for Jameson. That pattern is from this book along with these t-shirts I made for Jameson this summer. The t-shirts were super fast to cut and sew together.

The first couple shirts I made were pretty much free because I was given the fabric (except for the cost of the book- the more you use it the cheaper it gets!)...

The last 2 shirts I made were up-cycled from 2 old mens t-shirts I found at the thrift store. I don't know how much I spent but it was definitely under $5.

If you can sew, are on a budget, and have boys (8 and under) I recommend getting this book. I'm glad I did! :) *I wasn't paid to say that... I just like the book!*

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