Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tunic Dresses

Last month I finished up 2 new dresses for myself. I try to add something new and handmade to my wardrobe every spring. (I really should make something for winter too!)

This spring I wanted something comfy to wear around the house. Comfy is good! They are nice and loose around the middle and really easy for all those extra movements I tend to make (ie: playing with a toddler, sitting on the floor cutting out a pattern, cleaning, etc.)

I only made 2 but I am tempted to make a couple more! The orange 70's style tunic hits me about at the knee and is really the prefect dress length on me. The black and turqoise one hits me about mid-thigh and I wear black leggings with it. It is by far my favorite of the 2!

Now, I might just have to go dig through my fabric stash again so I can make another tunic dress...


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