Sunday, March 17, 2013

Follow me!

With Google Reader going by the way side I've been searching for another reader. I think I found the perfect thing! The best part is that it will automatically import all your blogs from Google Reader into it. The link to Bloglovin' is on the sidebar on the left <------. I hope you continue to follow me!

A little update:

We are down to roughly 45 days left of this deployment! When all is said and done, my husband will have been gone about a full year. It's been quite the roller coaster! I've just had to let my blog go for awhile. Life is never boring!

My older son, Ian, is being homeschooled now, well he has been home since early December '12. We were just having too many academic troubles with the school and they weren't willing to help without some sort of diagnosis or other. He's at home now doing very well with his studies. He is getting more and more into electronics and physics. He wouldn't be able to expand his knowledge of these subjects if he was stuck in school all day!

In general we are doing well, although wishing time would fly. :)

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