Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Green Your Homemaker's Binder

Way back in 2010 I showed you my Homemaker's Binder. Back then I had everything written or typed up on paper and put in my binder. I actually still follow the same general guidelines for our days, although it has evolved with time.

One of the greatest ways my binder has evolved is to change completely into a different format. I now use my kindle fire as my 'binder'. I have found an app that has really been helpful. It's called checkmark and is created by GreenbeanSoft. Actually there are all kinds of apps out there and all kinds of devices, not just the kindle, that can be used. In today's technologically advanced society it's not really a very far stretch to have everything paperless. Not only is it easy to manage but it's also environmentally friendly. I'm not printing out daily to-do sheets or rewriting my schedule every time it changes. Believe me it changes pretty frequently!

If it is at all possible for you, I would recommend doing a little searching and switch permanently to some form of electronic format for your Homemaker's Binder. Check up along the top tabs for how to create your own binder. Good luck!

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