Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dust Glove Review!

This months featured product is the Dust Glove! I had a wonderful review written about the glove and wanted to share it with you all! Do you own a dust glove too? I'd love to hear about it and what you use it on the most!

Hi my name is Marsha and I clean for a living.  Why is that important?  It is important because I have some experience with cleaning products.  What they need to be to work the best and how best to get the most effective use of them.  It’s also important because working for myself means, I do everything I can to cut cost where I can, without shorting the customer.  Sometimes I get really lucky and run across a gem of a business owner such as Heather.  She provides reusable products that are reasonable priced and high quality. Not only are her products reusable, which in itself is a cost saving factor, they are designed to be effective and long lasting.  Anything that she sells that I can use I don’t hesitate to purchase.  Heather takes pride in the work she does and that shines through in the products themselves.  

One of my favorite products is her dust glove.  It not only does a fantastic job picking up the dust but leaves a very nice shine behind.  It is one of the only products I have ever used on a very dusty surface that has completely removed the dust without a lot of soap and water.  When I use the dust glove on a detail job I like to put a touch of Pledge Multi-Surface cleaner on the glove and leave a nice polish behind.  The glove is perfect to use with any kind of dusting job.  Whether it be a detail job or blinds it works incredibly well.

Its wonderful to be able to support a local business woman and going “green” at the same time. Heather's products are high quality hand crafted items at an affordable price and I love that I can easily order them from Amazon.  

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