Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Last weekend my husband had drill, which left me & the kiddos to do our own thing. Ian can pretty much occupy himself, which he did for the most part. And Jamie naps pretty well. So in my spare time I got to thinking about what needed to be done. My list is endless! But I chose to organize my sewing room. It's gotten a little out of hand recently & I feel less efficient with it being so messy. Plus, I was running out of room & things were exploding everywhere. lol Here is my fabric stash before…

I pulled everything down and made piles of each color of the rainbow. I prefer seeing my fabric color coded even if it isn't the same type of material throughout. Pulling everything out like this has really shown me how much of each fabric color I have. I have a ton in the blues, greens, whites/creams family but very little in the orange & purples. I guess that shows my most & least favorite colors!

And here it is all put back, nicely folded & color coded. My little helper woke up to help me finish putting it all away. He's such a cute little helper!

I've already been more productive because of organizing everything. Yesterday, I cut out 2 dresses & 1 skirt. But I will wait to show pictures of them tomorrow!

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