Monday, May 24, 2010

Trials & Tribulations- Update

In my original post, Trials & Tribulations, I talked about getting my little guy in to his own bed full time.

I wanted to give an update. The first week, he did OK but I didn't do very good. The second week, I totally gave up & brought him back to bed with me full time. Well, I shouldn't have done that! We had the same problems…

My bed is too small for all of us. Justin slept on the couch while Jameson & I stayed in bed. Grumpy husband.

Jameson wanted to snack all night long. It's very uncomfortable being stuck in one position all night long.

We wake each other up. Probably the worst part is that I can't get out of bed in the morning without waking him up so my morning time is non-existent.

But there has been a huge change. Ian is now out of school for the summer which takes a whole lot of stress off of me in the time management department. And I've made a new resolve to get Jameson back in to his own bed, full time. I have no goal other than he's not to sleep in my bed any more.

With Ian being out of school I'm not so worried about getting up at a certain time in the morning, although I still like to get up early. I am the one who takes care of everything that has to do with kids, breakfasts, lunches, the morning routine. We keep it this way so that when my husband is out of town (which is very frequently as he travels a lot for his job) I am not expecting any help from him 'specially when I know he can't help & he isn't getting in the way of my system. With no school I can relax a bit & I can also take naps in the afternoon. I'm not a nap-taker & any time I try it always takes me forever to fall asleep and by the time I was ready to nap during the school year it would already be time to go get Ian from school & start the afternoon homework & activities. But now I don't have that & may actually get to lay down for a few seconds.

I have succeeded in keeping Jameson in own bed for the past 2 nights. I know it's just a start but it's better than nothin'! He hasn't been angry about it like he was when I first began & he's already stretched his sleeping times out a little. And the best part is that Justin actually got to sleep in the same bed with me & I wasn't stuck in the same position all night long. Hopefully our schedule falls in to place easily & we can all get a better nights sleep!

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