Friday, July 2, 2010

How I Became Interested In Cloth Diapering

How I became interested in cloth diapering was a pretty easy decision for me. Although, I knew I wanted to have another baby we really couldn't afford it. At first, my husband was adamantly against having a second child. We were still newly married and then we'd just come through a really tough court battle with Ian and were severely financially drained. See Ian's Story, HERE.
So to convince him that we could financially have another baby, I began looking in to how I could save every little penny. I knew I would breastfeed the baby. I didn't with Ian but I knew I wanted to and that's all that really matters.

After that I began researching cloth diapering. At first it was because of financial reasons but for me it very quickly became for health and environmental reasons. You can see the research I did in these two blog posts:
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Cloth Diapers- What You Should Know

After doing my research I sewed up several sets of cloth diapers. They turned out really great & I was super excited to use them!

Then, I didn't get pregnant.

I didn't get pregnant for well over 2 years. I went through a bout of depression. My husband and I almost split. We stopped trying. I decided to sell the cloth diapers then because they just reminded me of the child I wasn't able to have.

To my surprise, the diapers sold very quickly & I got my money back out of them. At this time I was also trying to get my Etsy shop, Heather's Custom Sewing, going. And because the diapers sold so well, I decided to make them specifically to sell. I didn't associate these cloth diapers with any child I might have because I didn't make them to keep.

Well, my husband & I worked things out & I went to work, temporarily, for my mom in her accounting firm for the tax season. Mid-January 2009, after not trying to get pregnant for almost a year, my husband and I decided to give it one last shot. I'd been tracking my cycles thanks to the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to know anything and everything about your reproductive health.

You can see the results of our last & final try, HERE!

And while I was pregnant with Jameson, I decided to split and expand the cloth diapering side of my business. I split the two shops because that's just what made the most sense to me.

Now, I make cloth diapers to sell, to use on my little guy, & just for fun!

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