Friday, July 8, 2011

Fitness Friday: Check-In

Since posting a bit ago about my current health concerns. I thought I'd better do better on my Fitness Friday posts! These keep me accountable and give me something to look back at.

It's official that I've officially restarted my diet and exercise plan as of 6/25/11, 2 weeks ago today.

In those 2 weeks I've worked hard at getting some stuff out of my diet. It's been hard! I don't even have sweets or snacks for the boys. Instead, there are lots of fresh fruits and veggies. There are still a few things holding me back in the diet and meal preparation area because I just can't justify tossing out or wasting things and money. I am slowly but surly getting there though. Then we had a holiday weekend tossed in there with lots of BBQ and yummy things to eat.

Speaking of diets. Has anyone ever heard or tried to No S Diet? I think I might give it a go. I especially need to work on getting most, if not all, sugar out of my diet and getting portions under control.

Exercise is a challenge too. I'm working at getting it into my schedule and making it a daily habit. It's been suggested to me, by numerous people, to take the boys out on a walk. That would be ideal if the weather would cooperate or not be deathly hot or my boys wouldn't be so dang cranky at night. For now, that is out the window. Instead I'm using nap time to walk on the treadmill and will be adding in yoga and playing on our Wii fitness for variety.

Last but not least here are my numbers:
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 153 lbs (none lost since 6/25/11- but none gained! Target weight 130 lbs)
BMI: 26.3 (target BMI around 22)

WebMD has the best BMI calculator!

I hope by this time next week I can have lost at least 1 lb!

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