Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Writer's Block

I've been suffering from a little bit of writer's block lately! But I've always heard that the best thing to do is to just sit down and write… no matter what you write about… it usually helps you get over the slump.

So what have I been up to lately?

Well, last Friday my husbands car broke down while he was out of town. I 'got' to go pick him up. I drove the 2 hours to where he was while pulling a tow-dolly, which I've never done before. My whole day was basically taken up but it was definitely something worth doing. By the way, my husband has already gotten his car fixed!

I've also been doing a bit of cleaning and organizing. While homeschooling, cleaning was put on the back burner, I tried to keep up but it was nearly impossible. I've just been cleaning things here and there and making my house into a home. I've also gone through my fabric, purged what I don't like or will never use (that was really hard- but I want to make room for the good stuff), and have been working on putting my good fabric on mini bolts so my fabric looks all pretty and organized! While cleaning I also moved all the school books out of the dining room and into the basement. I'm returning some things to whomever they belong and will eventually list the rest for sale but that will come later as I have time.

In between there I've been working on a wholesale order. When that one is done I'll be starting another. I'm really enjoying being able to work with little or no interruptions. It's much more relaxing, stress less, and productive.

Both my boys are doing great. Ian is enjoying school and Jameson is still as sweet as ever!

I hope you all have been well! Have a great week!

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