Friday, September 2, 2011

September… Already?

Didn't August just start? Where did the time go?

Anyways, I've been super busy over here!

I've been sewing my little fingers off on an up-cycled jean diaper cover order. I got them completed this evening- thank goodness!

I've also been working on some Sweet Treat Halloween Candy Bags. I've just started on them but it shouldn't take me too long to get them done.

And I've been making copies of all my patterns. I can't tell you why yet but I will hopefully soon. I'm so excited but I have to keep the secret for now!

Other then sewing I've been very busy with the boys.
Jameson is growing like a weed! He's one short month away from being 2!

Ian's been doing pretty good in school. He talks. He gets in trouble. And he talks some more! Ok, so the talking is the only problem. This week I helped him study for a test on different communities. He was having trouble getting it so we made a visual map while we studied!

Lastly, I'm doing really well at keeping my stress level pretty low. I'm getting more sewing time in, more time to cook meals, and more time to just have to myself. Everything seems to be going pretty good!

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